Prints Impact On Web Traffic

Ever wondered why measuring the impact of print ads that drive traffic to websites or social media can be challenging? 📰🔗💻

Here’s the deal: print ads are a traditional form of advertising, while website and social media platforms are digital. The discrepancy lies in the difficulty of directly tracking conversion and attributing it solely to the print ad.

When someone sees a print ad and decides to visit a website or social media page, it’s not always easy to determine if that specific print ad was the driving force behind the visit. Why? Because there are multiple touchpoints and factors that influence a person’s decision. 🤔

However, fear not! There are ways to gain insights and make informed assessments:

1️ Unique URLs or QR codes: Use dedicated landing pages or unique URLs and track the visits or actions originating from those sources. QR codes can also be scanned to directly lead visitors to a specific web page.

2️ Customized promo codes: Offer exclusive discounts or promotions for print ad readers, and track the usage of those promo codes during online purchases or interactions.

3️ Surveys and customer feedback: Ask customers how they discovered your website or social media page, and analyze the responses to get a sense of the impact of your print ads.

4️ A/B testing: Run controlled experiments where you have a group exposed to print ads and another group that isn’t. Compare the website or social media engagement metrics between the two groups to assess the impact.

While it’s true that measuring the direct impact of print ads on website or social media performance can be elusive, using these tactics can provide valuable insights to help gauge their effectiveness. So, embrace the challenge and get creative in determining the success of your print-to-digital campaigns! 💡💪📊