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WHY Advertise in Best Coupons Inc. direct mail magazines?

A recent phone call to Best Coupons Inc. resulted in the realization that our words to you are not just words.

Advertising in Best Coupons Inc. Magazines allows your target market to refer to the magazine anytime they are in need.

It lets them know you are there. This can be for restaurants, real-estate, lawyer, medical, home services and more!

“I find keeping these magazines is beneficial for anyone that owns a home needing any cleaning or repairs done. They are a good reference for just about anything in the local area. I am looking at an April 2013 magazine to contact a company to assist me. I knew I wanted this company to help me and kept the magazine until I needed their services.”   Charles Garmond – 8/21/2018

What this caller did not know is we had just had a conversation with this advertising client, who had decided to hold off on advertising.

After this consumer came forward to hire them they are now experiencing the benefit from being consistent all these years. We are now placing our client’s ad back in the magazines and hope others will see the worth in reaching their potential clients with the Best Coupons Magazine!

It is all about the Why. Next ask us How. We will tell you When.

We tell everyone this colorful magazine is a direct mail piece with a shelf life that other promotional mail will not hold. Check Your Mailbox for your copy of this Colorful Green “Best Magazine”!

August 22, 2018

We have been so busy! Shadow Creek Dental Specialists has received an abundance of referral traffic by advertising in Pearland's Best Coupon Magazines. Hurricane Harvey took it's toll and flooding caused us to shut down our office for a month. We were advised to not stop advertising in spite of flooding. Therefore our phones haven't stopped ringing. Best Coupons Inc. advertising campaigns have done our business justice.

Dr. Corbet Ellison & Pamela Holloway August 3, 2018

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I just returned from a cruise out of Tampa, FL and on the first day I met two ladies from Pearland who recognized me (my name then face) from my ad!

Rhonda S. June 9, 2018

When we started working with Best Magazine we really thought it was going to be a few months of coupons ads for our newest clinics! However, from day one we were just blown away! Cheri, our sales rep, Tracie, Dana, Ted, Blake- the entire team here at the magazine go above and beyond to market and promote The Joint Chiropractic! Our ads are gorgeous and the new patients walking thru our doors carrying the magazine or mailer are testimonial enough! We are thrilled with our advertising partnership with Best Magazine and highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business!

Sarah J. - Director of Marketing - The Joint Chiropractic May 3, 2017

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Pearland's Best Coupon Magazine is the best! It really enhances our sales, in fact, our customers get upset if we miss advertising in an issue.

Something Unique January 13, 2017

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We started off using your magazine with caution because we were afraid we would be wasting our money. Now I can honestly say it has been the best advertisement we have done in our eight years of business. Thank you!

Debbie J. - Natural Rewards Health Food Store January 13, 2017

Your coupon book has been working out great for us. Keep it up!

Oxford Cleaners January 13, 2017

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Best Coupons brings in the business!

Denna D. - Pearland Premiere Cinema 6 January 13, 2017

Shipley Do-Nuts

Good prices on your advertising fee!

Shipley Do-Nut January 13, 2017

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I appreciate all that you do to help me with my direct mailings!

Thresea W. January 13, 2017

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Just wanted to say "thank you" to your magazine. We have been receiving more calls than we can handle since the issue dropped.

Christopher R. - Ultra Clean Carpets January 13, 2017