But I Get All My Business From My Website

But I Get All My Business From My Website


We hear it a lot. “I want to cancel because I get all my business from my website.” That’s great that everyone ends up on your website because that’s the goal of advertising is to make more connections and drive more people to your sales funnels. The hard part is figuring out what was the driving force to motivate a customer to go to your website. For that information, you need to head over to google analytics and look at the acquired sources tab of the overview page. Our powerful ad-tracking QR codes show you how many people directly interacted with your ad. QR code activity will show up as l.ead.me in the referral source. In this customer’s example, we see 43% of all site traffic of 400 people for the week came from QR code scans of their ad. It’s also very possible that some of the google and direct search is also attributed directly to seeing the ad first. Why on earth would you want to cancel advertising that’s directly responsible for possibly half of all your business when a few hundred dollars a month may be netting you thousands?

Print advertising is often overlooked in today’s digital age, but it can still be an effective way to drive traffic to your website. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Print advertising has a tangible presence. Unlike digital ads, which can easily be ignored or overlooked, print ads have a physical presence that can’t be ignored. This can make them more memorable and impactful for potential customers.
  2. Print advertising can reach a targeted audience. With the right publications and placement, you can effectively reach your target audience through print advertising. For example, if you’re targeting a specific location, you can advertise in specific Best Coupons markets.
  3. Print advertising can complement your digital marketing efforts. By using both print and digital advertising, you can create a cohesive marketing campaign that reaches potential customers in multiple ways. This can help to reinforce your brand message and drive more traffic to your website.
  4. Print advertising is cheaper than digital marketing, reaches more people, and works better. In the example above, the customer’s ad dollars were split equally between google adwords (google cpc) and print (l.ead.me). However, the print ad had nearly triple the return on investment compared to search advertising. 
  5. Print advertising can build credibility. By advertising in print, you can demonstrate to potential customers that your business is established and trustworthy. This can help to build credibility and increase the likelihood that people will visit your website.
  6. Even the big tech companies use print direct mail marketing. Since 2017 Amazon has published a Holiday Kids Gift Book that harkens to the days of yester years Sears Catalogue. Google sends periodic postcards to invite business owners who’ve registered a map location an offer to advertise.


Overall, print can be an effective way to drive traffic to your website. By considering your target audience, using print advertising to complement your digital marketing efforts, and building credibility, you can effectively use print advertising to drive people to your website. It’s now up to you and your web designer to convert those extra views into sales.